Voodoo Temple

After our tour to the cemetery we went to a real Voodoo Temple.  The Voodoo high priestess was a bit—eccentric.  But it was cool too think we were getting to see inside the temple itself.  The priestess was not a fan of homeschooling—as we went around the group and said where we were from she asked why they weren’t in school—when I told her they were homeschooled—she went off about how they were not being exposed to enough of the real world.  Um...I was at a Voodoo Temple!  Anyhow, she went on and on about it so long—people started looking at me as if to say “Aren’t you going to say anything?”  Hello!  Voodoo high priestess...Uh—NO not saying a WORD!  :D

She gave a very strange talk about her dead husband, and didn’t really explain much about voodoo...

But—she let us take photos when she was finished, so I was happy about that!  As you walk into the temple you pass through a room filled with jars.  Again, the reason I didn’t argue with her—she has cat claws in jars and evil away incense!

So, in spite of the fact that my children are not exposed to very much and need to get out into the real world and experience things—the experience at the Voodoo Temple was not one to be missed!