Lafayette Cemetery

No shock here, cemeteries...we were there.  As many as we could go in..we were there!  Cemeteries in NOLA are built above ground because the city is below sea level.  The creepy gross thing about it is the most recent body is put on top.  Because of the high heat and humidity in these crypts the body is decayed by basically a ’slow cremation’ process.  When they next family member dies, the remains are moved to the bottom crypt, and the ’fresh’ body is put in the top!  This cemetery was one we could walk in on our own.  It was the original city cemetery.

Many people buried here fell victim to yellow fever.  This was a private cemetery until so many people began to die from yellow fever the city bought it and turned it into a city cemetery.

The kids loved this guys initials...WOW!

We thought the grave for Destitute Orphaned Boys was especially sad!  It is interesting how in NOLA people who lived common lives, like firemen, wood workers and orphaned boys all would share crypts. 

This seriously freaked out the kids—the fact that someone wrote that on the back, and the top name was James on the coverstone— I have to agree, it was kind of creepy!!