Times Square!

When you arrive at dusk in NYC for the first time, where are you going to take the kids?? TIMES SQUARE of course!!  The girls loved it...oh, you notice Audrey in the photos…?  Ya, she conned her sister into letting her tag along.  When Audrey came with Bela when she was ten, she fell in LOVE with NYC and goes back every chance she gets!  After a brief walk through Times Square with bellies full of Carlos cake, we headed for the famed Toys R Us for a ride on the one and only Ferris Wheel.  Olivia had been to NYC before, but I think you can see the joy on Malena’s face in the TRU—Legos, Candyland man and a life sized TRex did not disappoint!  My favorite, life sized Johnny made entirely of Legos!  Like my brother said—you could give him botox just by removing a few bricks!  LOL!

The girls got their tickets and got on the Ferris Wheel in the Barbie car!!  Then, as it went around and around they sang “Barbie Girl” at the TOP of their lungs.  Sandy and I entertained ourselves by making other people think their cart was about to plummet to the earth!  LOL!  No one really believed us, but we entertained ourselves quite nicely!!

In keeping up our sugar high from Carlos’s we went to M&M and Hershey stores.  Then we walked around Times Square.  We kept running into Elmo—we had to call him Crack Elmo, bc he smelled *slightly* homeless.  Ewwww!  Finally, the sugar caught up with us and by the time we were ready to head back to our room we were hungry for real food!  Real food NYC style—from a street vendor.  Malena was thrilled to see Gyros!

Foreshadowing above!