New York City

We spent the day walking around the city, going to NBC, Rockefeller Ct, Grand Central, and taking a horse and carriage ride in Central park.

We also hit St Patricks and the Ninetendo store, Lego and the best FAO Schwarz!

Of course, FAO was the best!† From the guard outside, to the muppet store where you could make your own muppet!† (ya, it was 130$, so we didnít)

And, in spite of the fact the kids did not see BIG, the piano was a big hit with the girls!!†

Sandy and Olivia had not been to Coney Island, and neither had we, so we decided on our way out of town to stop and get a Nathans hot dog and see what was there.† Ya, um, not much.† But the hot dogs were good!† By the time night began to fall we decided it was time to go before the Carnies came and took us all away!! Eeeeek!