St Louis Cemetery No1

No trip to NOLA would be complete without a tour of St Louis Cemetery No 1.  The amount of people buried in here, past and present is amazing.  So many eccentrics and artists are within these walls, the stories were amazing!

Decaying tombs still have mementos left behind by souls still walking the earth.  Everything from money, to flags, drawings, flowers and liquor are left behind as a tribute.  Sometimes the tombs are so much in a state of disrepair the city comes and rejuvenates them.  It was very obvious which ones had been reworked—but, we found the original ones the best!  

The most famous grave here is Marie Laveau who was the queen of voodoo.  We were surprised at how ‘traditional’ her tomb was.  Greek revival?  Seemed like an odd choice to us.  The guy told us the xxx means nothing, but I think it must mean something!! 

Lots of the sculptures are headless, footless or armless.  You cannot tour this cemetery on your own—even in the daylight it is not very safe.  The architecture is like its own little city!  These raised graves mimic buildings and roads.

Can you guess who’s grave this is?  Hint:  some say he is a National Treasure—  Yup.  Nicholas Cage had this tomb built for him (clearly before he went bankrupt!)  The kids thought it was very cool!