San Antonio

When I was in KS I got a message from my friend Carmen, who we lived in Austria with.  She asked us to come to San Antonio—and I said I was only going as far as Dallas—but, when I looked at the map, it was actually the same number of hours to New Orleans from both Dallas, and San Antonio.  Since we were going to be in NOLA on Easter weekend, I decided it was a good time to crash in on some old friends.  Just in time for Easter dinner!!! 

We arrived late Friday, and set out Saturday to a new area called The Brewery.  It was formerly a brewery and they have turned it into a nice walking area with some cute shops and galleries.  There was even part of a river walk below with tons of cool art! 

Carmen’s kids are older than mine, except for Joey.  He is a little older than Audrey, but in Austria they were buds.  It was nice to see that even though the years have ticked by, the two of them still held a bond that was quickly rediscovered.

After the brewery we went to another part of the city for some shopping.  The stuff was primarily from Mexico, so the kids were in heaven!  We were surprised to see traditional Mexican dancing too!—Oh, and some nice traditional breakdancing followed!! :D 

We had a nice quiet evening at home with delicious food and friends.  The kids hung out, and we got stuff ready for Easter dinner.  John was in charge of the pies!!