Bourbon Street

We had been all over the FQ during the day time, but on our last night the kids wanted to experience a little bit of Bourbon street.  So we set out early, ate at Pat O’Briens, and had a great time as the early part of the evening fell.  We took in these EPIC street dancers, they were not only amazingly fast with their moves—they were HYSTERICAL!  Audrey wanted a picture of that man’s grill so bad—she finally got it!!

Turns out we picked an awesome night to go downtown!  There was a Jazz Fest and so Bourbon street was pretty tame.  Perfect!

Crazy statue people dotted the street, and people were even throwing beads from balconies!  The kids thought that was amazing!  By the time we were ready to head back to the hotel we thought it interesting as you leave this part of Bourbon and head back to the river, you run into this—

We may never make it back to NOLA as a family, but if we don’t the kids can say they have seen it all, even the famed Bourbon Street! 

The kids found the antics of a hand grenade walking down the street, or a maniquin lady swinging out of the top of a window—but the ‘baby’ below took the cake for odd things they saw on Bourbon Street!


There is a guy up there throwing beads to Cade—