Wolf Sanctuary

When Audrey turned 12, I promised her I would take her to a wolf sanctuary.  Well, I didn’t say what year!  So, as part of camera club, there was a field trip to a wolf sanctuary in PA.  So, I signed us up! 

Not exactly what we expected when we arrived, the sanctuary was a little like a wolf ‘kennel’.  They did not have the freedom I had envisioned, but it did give us a chance to get really close, and really personal with these animals, and learn a lot. 

Since we were there on a photo op, the pictures were mostly trying to cut out the chain link, and focus on wolves—making them appear to be in the wild.  Not always successful!

It started with a little finger...then, slowly the hand made it’s way into the pen, and before it was all over, she had her entire arm in the cage, rubbing his belly.  His name was Tioga, and he was a timber wolf which has been (clearly) raised by humans.  He was super cool.  Not too many kids can say they have rubbed a timber wolf’s belly!!  Of course, other mothers may have discouraged such things…

It took two years to pay up on my gift, but I think the result was worth the wait!  It was a great time.

This wolf was blind.  We found his eyes to be very haunting and cool.