Westward Expansion Museum

In the basement of the Arch was The Westward Expansion Museum.  This was a great place to learn about the significance of the ‘Gateway to the West.’  The Arch represents the passage through from east to west, and was the last stop for many pioneers to get supplies.  That is where the theme for the Arch was developed.  This museum was really interesting.  It had so many facts about Lewis and Clark’s expedition, and many writings from his journals.

This museum is full of artifacts from the Lewis and Clark period.  Stagecoaches, straw bale houses, a teepee and life sized animals filled the floors.  The pages of the journals were interesting for the kids to see.  The journals were untouched so you can see how they spelled things.  By today’s standards they would have been illiterate. 

A straw bale house was common place on the plains.  The kids could not believe you could build a house out of straw like one of the little pigs!  They even had a real covered wagon!

Life sized animals dotted the museum floor.  My favorite signs were on these animals.  “Please do not touch.  Only live animals can grow new hair.” 

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