Washington D.C.

Naturally, Beth wanted to spend a day in D.C. and boy did we make the most of it!!  We toured around the capitol building, and finally made it into the Capitol Visitor Center.  We were glad to see there was a tunnel to the Library of Congress which Beth was very happy to get into!

Kids took a break in the tunnel to Lib o’ Cong!

After lunch at Subway we started talking with a Capitol police officer named Big Dookie...or Keith.

He hooked us up with some tickets to the swearing in of the 112th congress, and some cool police patches.

After that we headed to the National Gallery or a whirlwind tour.  It included a show by Arcimboldo, who was not one of my favorites—until I saw this show and realized his work was from 1500’s...and he is in the MODERN museum.  I cannot imagine what people in the 1500’s thought of his work.  We managed to fit in a trip to Oman (embassy) and Canada (embassy) to round out our tour of Washington D.C.  What a great day it was!!