Vietnam War Foundation

Matt recently went to an air show and came back with a brochure from this place out in Ruckersville, VA.  I was pretty impressed by the brochure, because in short, it was a hands on Vietnam War Museum with trucks, tanks, weapons, and memorabilia sponsored by a group of volunteer Vietnam Vets.  It did not disappoint.  The kids loved hearing the stories and seeing the items...sure...but when they got to climb into a Huey Helicopter, and meet a man who had flown them—well, they were enthralled!  The guys were great with kids too!  This is a private museum, so you can only go by appointment—but they are very receptive to all size groups.  We were supposed to have about 25 and showed up with 37!  And—they love homeschoolers—one of the volunteers had even homeschooled his kids...and now his kids are grown and homeschool his grandkids!! The museum is completely worth the effort of making the appointment!!

To the right:  An amazing story of a man who ejected from a flight seat, and was captured and tortured for YEARS...meanwhile, his wife fought on Capital Hill for prisoners of war.  It was an amazing story I wish I could convey every detail—but, he came to the museum and signed the chair!  There were so many stories of people who had donated items, or come to ‘see’ or release themselves from years of mental anguish.  The beautiful part about this facility?  They let it all happen...come one, come all.  Take what you need, and leave with respect.  We did just that.

Audrey modeling a sandal the Vietcong made out of tire tread—Birkenstocks?  Spence wearing a medical helmet, and a sign pointing out all the directions with combat boots—amazing!

An old VW bus housed anti-war memorabilia, while inside, Malena took aim with a machine gun!

Naturally, all of this was right up Cade’s alley, especially when he realized he could touch the pedals, which, of course, meant he was big enough to drive an Army Jeep, and fly a helicopter!!

I mean, really?  How many places can you go in the world that you can prance around in a bullet proof vest—and carry around some sort of launcher as a 7 year old??  NOT MANY!  Below, it is pretty amazing how ‘roomy’ a helicopter is!  And, it had ACTUAL bullet holes!  There was even a story of a Vet who contacted them to get the tail number...and this was the ACTUAL helicopter he flew! 

Girls in a Jeep!  Look out!  Above is the front of the helicopter—  Below:  Beefsteak—YuM!  MRE

Thank you for all you did… and for this amazing space to remember, and teach.  Your impact is profound.