Trash Museum, CT

Yes, you read that right.  In CT there is an actual museum dedicated to trash.  And, it is AWESOME!  The kids LOVED it, especially Cade who is, shall we say, less than enthusiastic about any trip that includes the word ‘museum’ in it. 

When you enter the museum, you start in the Temple of Trash.  There are various ‘scavenger hunt’ papers that allow the kids to find all sorts of things!  It was nearly impossible to pull them out of here—and Maggie and I too, since we saw so many things from our own lives, past and present!!

The staff was AWESOME!  Answering lots of questions the kids had and showing them exhibits close up, like these composting worms.  Despite the fact we were the only ones here, they were very attentive and helpful.  Another area included art supplies made from recycled paper, plastic and yarn for the kids to create.  Audrey made something so lovely we framed it and used it in our new kitchen!

Lots of rooms gave the kids a chance to be hands on with lots of trash experiences!

The coolest part was that this museum was an actual working recycle plant!  The entire second floor had huge glass windows where the kids could watch the process from start to finish.  Huge dump trucks brought in the recycling over and over again.  The most fun to the kids was watching how they sort plastic by hand, and how they use a magnet and a puff of air to sort the different metals. 

One of my old colleges even had an art display!  Students at UHA had a poster competition.