The Lost City of Sunbury, GA

On this visit to Savannah we decided to branch out a little, and headed south for several day trips.  One such trip took us to Sunbury, GA.  The promise of a ‘lost city’ and a very old cemetery were too much intrigue for us!  There was also a crab shack that proved to be most appealing! 

Now known as a ‘dead town’ Sunbury once rivaled Savannah as a port town.  It is hard to believe looking at it now.  This quiet, sleepy haven did not make it easy to find.  In fact, we almost completely missed the ‘lost city’ and only happened upon it by chance!  There wasn't much to see there, an old church, house, an outhouse, and a working pump (the last two being the kids favorites)!!

As the sun was setting, we were the only ones in this ghost town, and the kids were was kind of creepy! 

But, apparently, in the day, this place was happening, and home to famous people such as Dr. Lyman Hall who was a signer of the Declaration of Independence, as well as various war heroes. 

Fort Morris was also a draw, but, like many things this time of year in GA was only open on the weekends.  So, unfortunately, we didn’t get to see it. 

The second, and perhaps larger draw, was the Sunbury cemetery.  Oddly situated in a newer housing development, the cemetery, like many in Savannah area was pummeled during various wars, and by 1870 most of the markers were gone.  They say the boundaries are much more extensive than those presently (it was a pretty small, destitute place) it really makes you wonder seeing all the houses around how ‘expansive’ the cemetery really was!!  That is the case with a lot of cemeteries in this area.

We did locate the oldest existing stone from 1788 and had fun reading what people wrote about others on their stones.

The final place we hit was The Sunbury Crab Company.  Located on the water, the little crab shack was so great!  Food, great!  I saw crabs on the menu, and could not believe they would have blue crabs this time of year.  When I asked if they did, the lady said “Well, he’ll be back in a few minutes, I will let you know if he catches any.”  They were AWESOME!  The food was all really great, and super fresh.  The kids got fresh flounder and ate every bite!  It was very cute, and I look forward to going back when the weather is warm and sitting out on the water on one of the many open patios! 

Here is a copy of the menu! 

One other thing I love in Georgia are the signs...they just crack me up...not all are appropriate.