After a long, ongoing winter, the kids and I decided to head south for some sunshine and warmer temperatures!!  We were very happy when Uncle Jon came over to met us!!  YAY!  We missed him at the big Christmas celebration, so the kids REALLY enjoyed seeing him!  Thanks brotha! 

We spent the entire day Sunday downtown.  We were there from morning until night—and we walked!!  It was a beautiful day!  We spent a few hours in Forsyth Park, which was full of dogs, people and flower blooms.  Afterwards we had brunch at B Matthews on Bay with Jon’s friend Jenny.  Then it was back outside, down by the riverfront to watch some street performers and do some shopping.  The kids LOVE River Street, because there is always someone singing or performing in some manner. 

After a few hours downtown at River street, we walked down Broughton where Uncle Jon and Audrey went into ‘fashion mode’—Audrey scored a super cute dress for the upcoming homeschool dance at Civvies, and got a really cute dress at Urban Outfitters.  I found a new interest (well, not really new) in beekeeping at a store down there too!! HMMMM!  The big HUGE thing we found downtown was Caden’s fascination with mustaches.  He found some stick on ones in Jon’s friends art supply store, and wore them all day!  It was quite a sight.  Pretty soon, we all had them on!  After we went shopping, we had dinner at Wild Wings, then it was off to Lulu’s before wrapping up our day.

It was a very fun day!!!