I am sure you all have gotten tired of Savannah, but we NEVER will!  So, we set out for a short trip to finish out the school year before the summer activities kick into high gear.  I actually was afraid we would have had a hard time finding something “new” to do along with the favorite things we do...but, that was not the case! 

The first magical place we found was the Bamboo Farm and Coastal Garden.  We learned about and saw all kinds of bamboo, fed turtles strawberries, saw

TONS of lotus flowers, and even picked blackberries!  YuM!  It was a very cool place!

After the bamboo gardens, we were very hot, so after a quick lunch at Tubby’s we headed for Tybee. 

The other ‘new’ place we went was Fort Jackson, which is the oldest fort in Savannah.  A few years ago we went to Ft Pulaski, but this one has a history that goes much deeper.  The original structure was built of mud!! 

Afterwards, we toured the many rooms...

They were decorated with period memorabilia, and then we went outside

From the top of the fort you could see why this point was so critical to the protection of Savannah.  The deep channel was a major supply route during the Revolutionary War, and from the top you could see the city, and out toward the ocean.  Once ships reached the fort, the narrowness prevented them from turning around.

When we got there, this guy was doing a demo on cannon fire.  As if we haven’t seen this a bunch of times, my kids watched with great anticipation!  To take  a look at the process click HERE...

To the right, Cade shows where the fire would go on the cannon.