Richmond, VA

Anyone who has driven 95 through Richmond has inevitably noticed the beautiful building that’s rooftop seems to reach up and touch the overpass of the highway.  That building is the Main Street Train Station.  I have seen that beauty for years and wondered what it is.  Just blocks from the Poe museum today was the day we got to check it out.  The architecture is stunning, both inside and out.  Once inside we headed upstairs and the first thing Malena noticed was the columns were ‘fat’ in the middle—like the Parthenon!  NICE!  The original building was built in 1901, and although it has undergone a series of restorations due to history and fire, the way it stands today is magnificent.


Walking the streets looking for lunch, Cade became obsessed with the silver fire hydrants!

Other architectural beauties included this firehouse now in a restoration phase built in the early 1900’s. 

Our final stop was due to my new APP called ‘Roadside America’—it tells you of quirky things around you.  This was the giant milk jugs, and the kids decided this was THE thing to see in Richmond.  Not the dog on a little girls, the giant milk jugs.  So, we headed to another part of town to get a photo of this original dairy in Richmond now turned into condos.  At least they saved the jugs!!