Poe Museum, Richmond VA

One semi-warm day in February we headed to Richmond with our friends the Trudeau’s to check out the Poe museum.  It was a LONG time coming, as we studied Poe almost a year ago, but we keep revisiting his poetry, short stories, and being inspired by art work.  So, we headed out.   Along the way we stopped to see the birthplace of Secretariat.  The museum itself is located in “The Oldest House in Richmond,”  and Poe is said to have delivered a message to this very house as a young teen.  Below our teens and ‘tweens’...

Unfortunately, like in many museums you could not take photos in the exhibits.  You can view the collection by clicking here.  This area has an extensive collection.  Many things were items relating to people around Poe.  His first wife, lovers, family members filled up a large portion of the exhibits. 

It was interesting how the house was laid out.  It was build around a small courtyard in a series of three buildings. 

The upstairs of one of these buildings had art work inspired by Poe’s writings.  We found this interesting, because we ourselves have done so many artistic renderings around his poetry and stories. 

The final building housed the majority of items directly related to Poe.  Among them, the famous photo, a daguerreotype, that to us is the classic image of Poe.   There were also books signed by Poe himself and his childhood furniture.

The courtyard (and lack of population) allowed the kids a chance to frolic and soak in some vitamin D before we headed to lunch. 

Overall, the museum was a good collection, and the kids liked seeing the furniture, signature items and photographs.  Like many American artists, everyone wants a piece of him.  So, there are many items scattered around Virginia and up and down the coast.  He travelled that area extensively, wrote in many different places on his own, for papers, and as a critiques.  Naturally, everyone wants a piece of it.