Poe and Baltimore


song of

lonely sorrow

of the sadness that

it sings. The tune of


sinful sadness in


a world


of melodies.


The song of silence,


Silent ode to the silent song


The song of sorrow is a song


that is oh so very long.


The tune is not


sweet nor




This song I


hear atop my tower


The song I hear is bitter sweet


This song I see is of no


avail with all my tears


caught in this pail

This week we finished up Poe by studying the poem “Alone.” (this version on Utube by Tim Burton!) The kids then set to work to create a drawing or a poem of their own that evoked a feeling of loneliness.  Spencer wrote the poem, (left) and made the words in the shape of tear drops.  Audrey made a picture based on the poem.  Both came out AWESOME! 

We have every intention of going to Richmond to the Poe museum, but, we just cannot seem to make it there.  Various situations over the past few weeks with sickness and weather pushed our trip to this past Monday.  We were going with our good friends, and were all set to leave when I discovered the museum was closed on Monday!  UGH!  But, not wanting to lose the day we decided to head to Baltimore instead to see his childhood home, and the cemetery where his stone is.  Well, it isn’t like they can close a cemetery!!! 

The city of Baltimore did not make finding the EA Poe house easy.  First of all, it is in a very ‘unsavory’ part of town.  Now, there were signs, and perhaps we just weren’t expecting it to be in this location...but, we drove past it several times.  We went around the block, looking at the picture I had printed out on the internet, and finally using the roofline as a guide, we found the house.  We just didn’t expect it would be ATTACHED to public housing.  The internet said half the house had been torn down, but the other half remained, and that was true, however the internet picture with the blue skies and tree in the background was not ‘exactly’ accurate.  The neighborhood was a little seedy, but, I still made the kids get out for a picture! 

Poe House




Break in brick work

Undaunted by the house, we headed for the peacefulness of the cemetery.  The cemetery was closer to the inner harbor than the house.  Again, we set out to drive around some city blocks looking for the cemetery.  Well, the grave was actually in a church yard.  While at a stop light we happened to see it!  You may recall I said a cemetery can’t be closed.  You may also note the bar in my picture on the left.  Now, scroll down.  Ya.  It seems like our journey to understand Poe is as dark and as strange as Poe himself.  But, that didn’t stop us, we dodged the meter maids, and the kids jumped out to see it regardless!

You may find this article interesting...I did, and WISH WE COULD HAVE GONE!!!  You have to read it to see the strange things that followed this man, even in death!  His tombstone was destroyed when a train derailed and smashed into the stone place?  His death was never announced?  And even more strange—the master of ceremonies for the reenactment event!! 

On closer examination, the church yard cemetery was really cool.  The church itself was actually built over some of the graves!!  (below) Isn’t that crazy weird?? 


In spite of our Poe like debacles, we vow to someday, somehow make it to the Poe museum in Richmond...but for now...I am heading to Savannah!  :)