Old Friends

Over the next several days, the middle of our trip was marked with visits to friends in Oklahoma and Texas.  We rarely get to see each other, so it was a great way to break up our trip.  When we got to each stop, it was awesome to see the friendship rekindle effortlessly.  First stop was Oklahoma.  Audrey and Bela met when they were 5.  They have been best friends ever since.  Spence and Bruce, Malena and Grace, Cade and Kali, Christy and Kathy...and then there is Adam!  <3 

You don’t have to be around Bel and Aud very long to know they are soul sisters.  Audrey would not let anyone else put make up on her like that.  The did not sleep, all night.  We were only there for 20 hours.

I love this picture (above) because to me, it captures their exclusivity.  Laughter always abounds.  It was a great 20 hours I would not have traded for anything! 

Thanks Kathy and family!!!  It was epic!

Look at Kali looking at Cade!  So cute!!!  She loved on him the whole time we were there!!  ‘Lena and Grace so cute!!!