National Harbor & Alexandria

When Beth arrived from MN we immediately started making plans for their short visit.  Since the weather was going to be much more cooperative, a general heat wave for MN, we decided one stop was going to be to the National Harbor to see The Awakening in his new digs.  We had seen it a few months ago when we saw Cirque de Solei’s OVO

When making our plan for this day she mentioned stopping in Alexandria at Christ Church.  Since we had never been, we decided to take advantage of it too.  This was George Washington’s church, and the tombstones in the chapel graveyard are stained with smoke from soldiers fires during the Civil War.  The oldest tombstone we found dated 1702!!  Crazy~!  Only problem...the church was closed on Monday.  Well, sort of.  Actually, the second floor balcony was open, perhaps not intentionally, but we took advantage of it just the same.  Then, we headed to the Torpedo Factory.

Then we headed to the Torpedo Factory….