Mardi Gras Museum

NOLA is filled with a lot of non-parallels.† Like the fact that above the Katrina museum is a Mardi Gras museum!† It seemed only right to go upstairs and learn a little about this tradition that defines New Orleans.†

However, in New Orleans today there is nothing held back!† Balls and parades, costumes and voodoo are all incorporated into this celebration.† The museum featured floats from the parades, ball costumes, parade characters, and even the Zulu, or black face has been a presence in the precession since the 1920ís.† No costumes were anything less than elaborate.† The amount of work that goes into each piece is incredible.† Beads, glitter, sequins and feathers abound!

While most Americans associate Mardi Gras with New Orleans, the festival is actually a ritual that dates back to when the Romans embraced Christianity.† In an effort to win over the Pagans they incorporated a lot of their rituals as a jumping off point to Lent, a time of sacrifice.

King Cakes spring up around the city during the Carnival.† Inside is tucked a baby, if you get the baby, you have to buy the next cake!

The kids favorite costume was this sea horse.† Not only are these costumes beautiful, but they are an engineerical feat!† They are enormous, and carried by one person most times.†


In the mid 1800ís these Carnivals were almost put to an end because of the violence from these masked people.† Near the end of the 1800ís someone saw fit to bring back the Carnival in all its splendor.† It has been cancelled a few times during war, and struggled to last through dark times like prohibition and The Great Depression, but today Mardi Gras flourishes once again.

Our other favorite thing was the bathroom.† The front door looks like a port-o-potty, but behind that door was a proper bathroom!† Hysterical!!!†


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