Malena Turns 9!

On Easter Sunday, Malena turned NINE!  Hard to believe!  So, the Friday before was 85 and sunny *as you can tell by the melting peeps*—so, we had an ‘impromptu’ birthday party at the park.  The best part was local schools were on spring break, so her BFF Olivia, and her cousins were able to come to her party...that was not the only surprise of the party though—

Coming by for a weekend visit, Gramma and Gramps showed up at Malena’s party!  Boy was she surprised!!  It was a beautiful day at the park, and a great time for Malena!  Thanks to all of you for coming out and celebrating with us!

Her ‘real’ birthday continued on Easter, with presents from family.  Sleeping bags, hamster rings, and glitter houses were all around, and good old fashioned cash (which she is saving to buy a car) topped the list of gifts.  Then, we headed to Auntie Ru’s for dinner, cake and Easter fun!

My aunt makes these ‘glitter houses’ for each of us, based on the time of year we were born.  Malena got a spring themed one...isn’t it cute???  From us (as you can tell by the picture, right) Malena got her first camera.  It is cool because it can go underwater, and it ‘everything’ proof...and what isn’t ‘proofed’ I bought a warranty for!! :)

Still, her best present to come the week of her birthday were...the ducks.  Her birthday just isn’t the same without ducklings!!  She is growing up fast, right before our eyes!!  But she is an awesome I guess we’ll keep her around a few more years!!