License to Slide

Each year the kids do License to Slide at Massanutten.  Generally, Matt takes them, leaving me to stay home and get some stuff done—or just chillax.  This year, he had work issues that took him away for two weeks, so I brought them. 

When they are all together on the bunny slope, it is all good.  I like to see them ski.  I do not, however, like to see them get on that ski lift.  That FREAKS ME OUT!  But, they seem to not have an issue with it, so I just stay inside on my computer thinking of how I am going to have to spend the next few days  making up for the ‘lost’ day of ‘school’ today.  One good thing, it is something all four of them can do, and they all enjoy.  I especially like it that it is time they spend with their Dad.  This year, Audrey, Spencer and soon Cade will be taking snowboarding lessons!

Spencer is the one in the buffalo hat! 

There they go!