Katrina Museum

I wasn’t exactly sure how the Katrina museum was going to be...I wasn’t sure that my kids would ‘get’ it, or if it would even be that interesting.  It was a nice little gem!  All sorts of stories and artifacts from the flood made the museum really interesting, and stirred compassion in my kids!

Cade is pretending to be picked up by the helicopter cage, while Spence was watching actual accounts from flood victims.  The way they marked houses they searched was interesting to me, and the fact they actually had a door marked was cool.

Other key items we found interesting were the wall diary this man kept.  Using a sharpie he kept a journal of all the things that happened to him in the days following Katrina.  Another man whose family had evacuated to Houston wrote his bio-data on his jeans for fear he would be killed or swept away.  That must have been terrifying!  Luckily, he was fine in the end.  If you are in NOLA, the Katrina Museum is a place to stop!

Piano belonging to Fats Domino