or, it's all greek to me!

όλα τα ελληνικά σε με


Many of you know that Malena is crazed over Greek mythology.  All of the kids at one point or another have loved the stories, but Malena, is obsessed.  So, since we are using this video series for history from The Teaching Company (my kids call him creepy history guy, but still come and watch the videos anyhow) he had done a series on Greeks, and then the Romans.  Both were very interesting, and admittedly, I am learning many things right along side of them.  However, the question came up regarding the Parthenon, and what other contributions the Greeks made to modern society.  So, we set out to explore such things.

Malena started learning the Greek alphabet, and can write her name by herself now.  That inspired Audrey to learn the alphabet too. 

The next thing we learned about was Greek pottery.  I had seen on several sites to have your kids paint on terra cotta pots.  There was many different styles of Greek pottery.  We looked at a lot of images, and then I turned the kids loose with some black paint and their pots. 

A good sight for Greek Pottery

On Amazon, I ordered a 3D version of the Parthenon.  It was actually really awesome, and easy to put together.  The kids really enjoyed it, and the finished product is cool looking.  We also watched NOVA’s PBS series called Secrets of the Parthenon.  It was pretty interesting to learn how truly unique each piece is in the construction.  It is not merely a matter of putting columns back up.  Each piece went in only one place.  The entire Parthenon was built in 8 years.  The Greeks have been working to restore the Parthenon for 30 years, and have spent well over 100 MILLION dollars!  Ours, was ten bucks, and took less than an hour to build!  MUCH BETTER! :)

The final thing we watched is called Greeks:  Crucible of a Civilization.  Which you can actually just stream if you are on Netflix.  Below are some other sites that we explored.  I love the BBC one.  There are so many directions you can go with this, and we may continue to explore! 

These are the songs on You Tube that helped Malena learn the alphabet.  The first one, (although it doesn’t pronounce them all perfectly) is the kids favorite!