Recently, Malena and BFF Olivia have been talking about horseback riding camp.  Before Sandy and I put a bunch of $$ into camp, we decided they should get a ‘horse familiarization tour.’  It just so happens, my nephew’s (awesome) girlfriend has two horses, and gave the girls an excellent lesson in horse care and riding! 

First, the horse, Boomer, had to be curried, brushed with two types of brushes, and his hooves had to be cleaned.  Then it was time to get the saddle out!  First, Western—

Janine showed Malena how to put the bridle on.  Boomer was a little...drooly...and he got Malena right on top of her head!  LOL!

Soon it was time for the saddle.  Robert helped with that.  Janine went over exactly where the saddle is placed, as well as the importance of proper saddle fit.  I had no idea there were so many variables that go into riding a horse!  She showed the girls the parts of a saddle, and how to properly attach the girth.  Soon, it was time for Malena to get on!  She quickly discovered, it wasn’t as easy as it looked!  Bareback was even harder, but because the English saddle is so much smaller, that was the easiest for her to get on.  (no picts of that bc my camera battery died...I know, I know!)

Boomer is a good ole boy, and once he finished following Janine around, he let Malena take the lead.  Janine told the girls how to use the reigns properly.  Boomer, sometimes had other ideas.

Thanks Janine, Boomer and Robert for letting the girls have an AWESOME familiarization tour!  They are hooked!