Text Box: Hinduism facts...
Hinduism has its roots in a ancient civilization called the Indus Valley Civilization.       It flourished between 3500 and 1500BCE. 
Many other religions were born from Hinduism, such as Buddhism. 

Hinduism is the third most popular religion. It has around 750 million followers.

The main symbol for Hinduism is called Aum.                                                                                      It is the sound heard in deepest mediation.

The word “Hindu” comes from name of the river Indus.

 Today about 13% of the worlds population are Hindus.                                                   That’s about 700 MILLION people. 
Text Box: Gods and Goddesses
Hinduism has thousands of gods and goddesses.  Each have there own special characteristics. Here are some of the main ones.

Vishnu– was thought to be the preserver of the universe. They believed that he came down into the human world in many different forms called avatars. 

Rama– Rama and his wife Sita, represented the ideal couple.

Krishna– Krishna was one of the most popular gods vishnu. People admire him for many different things. 

Shiva– Shiva was the god of liberation and demolition. Shiva was shown as a figure with four arms and a crescent moon on his head and a snake twined around his neck. Shiva was often seen a drum in his upper right hand and dancing with a third eye on the middle of his forehead.

Parvati, Durga, and kali– the three goddesses are associated Shiva Parvati, Durga, and kali. Parvarti is  Shiva’s kind loving wife showing off his kind and gentle side. Parvati and Durga show off his strong and powerful side.

Brahman– Is the universal soul. His presence is invisible but everywhere.  Brahman is the highest god in Hinduism, above even the three Hindu gods—Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.
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ShivaParvati, Durgg, and Kali. Oval: Hindu Festivals


Diwali  is a five day festival in October and November. This is when Hindus would worship Lakshmi, the goddess of beauty and wealth.

Diwali also marks the beginning of the new year.


Holi marks the beginning of spring. It commemorates the death of Holika. She was a wicked woman that legend says attempted to kill her nephew for being a follower of Krishna.


Navaratri is a nine-day festival between September and October during which Hindus worship different aspects of the Great Mother goddess, Devi.


Shivas festival is Shivarati. Which falls in March at the New moon, which is the night that the moon can not be seen from earth.


The festival of Dassehra is between September and October. It is to remember Rama’s victory over the giant Ravana.


Rangoli Is a form of art for Hinduism

Many Hindus have some sort of Rangoli in there homes.

Here are some photos of Rangoli

Rangoli is a big part of the religious and 

Cultural beliefs is the symbol.

As you see Rangoli has patterns

Rangoli manly has 5 different ingredients

Pise rice solution, burned soil was, wood sawdust

dried powder made from the leaves color, charcoal,

These ingredients are easily found and thus

Most families can afford to have Rangoli in there homes



Hindus believe that their soul passes through many recarnations.

Their goal is to re-unite with Brahman.  The biggest event in life is death.

They also believe in Karma, that someone’s present status is a result of their previous status of their past life, Either good or bad.  That’s why establishing a good record of their current life is important, in hope of advancing his station in his next life. 

The top goal for a Hindu is to achieve Moksha.  Moksha mean to be released from the endless circle of incarnations.  Moksha can be achieved by following the different margas.

Important life events

Some of the most important events in a Hindu’s life are Birth, being named, Marriage, and their death/funeral.

Upanishads are sacred, ancient texts. Upanishads means to sit at the feet of a master (or teacher) and receive their instruction.


Ramayana is a story about Prince Rama. Whose wife Sita, is captured by a ten headed evil king, Ravana.


Vedas is the ancient sandskrit text, perhaps the oldest layer of sandskrit, and the oldest scripture in Hinduism


Mahabharata one of the two epic stories of ancient India.  It is used for devotional material in the Hindu religion. 

Oval:     karma
Oval: Karma is the universal law that says what goes around comes around

Karma is very important to Hinduism

because it makes sure that everybody gets what they deserve. 


Today I smacked my sister really hard. So while I was walking I fell down and cut my leg badly.


See that’s karma and it also works with good people to like:


Today I went to my grandma’s house to help her with the garden. I helped her dig up the potatoes, and I helped her carry the basket.  I even washed the veggies. After a long and fun day of work, grandma rented a movie and we had cookies and milk.

 See so if you are good, good things will happen and if you are bad, bad things will happen. 

Audrey and Spencer learned about Hinduism.  They made this webpage on their own to show what they learned. 

We used pattern blocks to make our own form of Rangoli in our house.  Once our beautiful creations were finished, we took them apart...part of the symbolism that all things, no matter how beautiful, are temporary.