Guy Wolff Pottery

When Audrey was 10 my mom went to Guy Wolff’s studio and had a pot made for her.  It is very cool, and we have had it for many years now.  When we were in CT we went by his studio.  It was awesome, and he is the nicest ‘guy’ you can imagine.  His pots, brought to attention by Martha Stewart, are real works of art.  The pots he makes by hand are done right in his studio in Bethel, CT. 

Like I said, he is a genuinely nice guy—and when everyone else had left he took us back to see various projects he was working on.  The highlight was he let Audrey put the stamp on the bottom of a pot that was going to the Eastman Estate (as in Kodak)...the pot cost 450$~!  Audrey was a little nervous...but he was totally cool with it! 

So, Audrey will have her hand in making a pot that will be on an estate!  How cool is that??

He signs each piece with his pinkie!