Graffiti Tour

Whenever we go see my brother, we are always in love with the graffiti around his neighborhood.† Some of it is iconic, some political, and some is funóbut it is all art, and we love it!†

Just down the road from Jonís is a tunnel overpass thingee that people paint and repaint with their graffiti.† Everything from intricate designs, political outcries, and stenciled art can be found in this tunnel.† It is VERY cool.† Every possible surface covered with something to see.

This beautiful mural graffiti is outside of Jonís complex.† I love the line design in this pieceóoh, ya, and the koi fish and Japanese theme help too!†

One artist with a cult like following is called Catlanta.† Where you see designs like this (and I canít remember if this is a real one or a copy catóno pun intended) this person will draw this cat with a heart, and leaves an art piece behind.† It is posted on the internet, first one there gets to keep it!† How cool is that.† It is just a photo, sometimes very hard to find.† Guess what?† The day we left Catlanta struck RIGHT in my brothers building!!!† >:(† Wish we got it!!!†