Good Times

When this trip was just a thought at Christmas, my friend Beth said “I’ll meet you in TX and we can stay with Jeff.”  Could not have imagined that it would really happen!  The kids had a great time together.  Swimming was high priority...for a few minutes! 

Thanks Jeff for letting us crash at your place!!

Once the splendor of the pool wore off, the kids entertained themselves by making mud dog poop and placing it strategically.  Ah, the joys of homeschooling, when your children can do art on the fly!  The kids stayed all together in the family room piled in, and did not mind a bit!  We rounded out our time with a trip to Whataburger!  Soon it was time for the Balmanno’s to hit the road, and we were headed to another friends for dinner, and then San Antonio! 

Before heading to San Antonio, we stopped in and had a quick bite with our good friends Terry and Mandy.  We lived in Japan with Terry, and he married Mandy and has since had two of the cutest kids around!  Landon had never met us, and acted like he has known us his whole life!  Addie took a special liking to the girls!  I can say I have visited each one of their homes between here, Atlanta and now Texas! 

Below, Cade found a toad outside.  We thought it was cool how different toads look in Texas!  He was greenish!