First Snow, CT

Our first snow of the year came to us in Connecticut while visiting Gramma and Gramps.  That was great excitement for them, unfortunately, it came on the morning I was supposed to drive home.  However, to see Cade’s face that morning when he threw open the curtain and saw the first snow—well, that made it all worth while. 

Snowmen, snow ducks, snow angels and even snowball fights were all part of the fun.  The only problem?  Ya, I didn’t know it was going to snow—so, yes, they do have on Gramma’s coat, Mom’s coat, and a sweatshirt...and sneakers.  At least they didn’t have on their crocs! 

Zen, my Mom’s Bernese Mt puppy, LOVED having the kids to race around in her first snow too. 

Audrey liked exploring Gramma’s winter garden in the freshly fallen snow.  Meanwhile, Caden and Malena helped Gramma make yogurt blueberry muffins!

Less than an inch of snow didn’t matter to my kids...snow angels were still in order...

followed by mini-snowmen making.  Spencer’s ended up looking like a snow duck.  I am sure you can figure out who is whose by the pictures!

Blueberry yogurt muffins were made better by raspberry preserves Audrey and Gramma made during her summer visit to CT. 

Below, my favorite picture of Malena taken through the kitchen window.