The idea of going to another families house for Easter may seem odd to some, but for us, it was a great adventure!  It was interesting to see a different spin on a traditional holiday.  For example, the Easter Bunny hid the baskets around the house!  Our bunny just drops them off on the porch!  After we returned from the Alamo and the Riverwalk it was time to settle in with a great meal and lots of good company!  The kids had a fantastic time!  Carmen and family did a wonderful job preparing the food and including us in their family traditions!  We won’t soon forget it!

Afterwards, things got kind of crazy.  So...all year the Lackups crack the top of their eggs instead of the middle.  They wash and dry them, then they fill them with confetti and cover the top little cracked out part with a piece of tissue paper.  When the eggs are hidden (traditional ones filled with $ and candy) among them are these confetti filled eggs.  If you find them, you smash them...on other people.  My kids thought this was the greatest invention of all times.  Well, Cade was highly insulted until he caught on to the fact he could do it to others too!  Anyhow, Andrea filled all these eggs, and I think there were something like 19 dozen!  No doubt this will be in our future—however, I am thinking I will order them HERE!  They are called Cascarones—