Over here at Ramseycentral...we love our ducks.  After we lost ‘Lil in February, I said we would not have ducks again UNLESS we could keep them, and keep them safe.  So, we set a plan into action.  We built a fortress of duck pens in our back yard.  Complete with fencing over the top to keep out hawks, electric around the bottom to keep out fox, raccoons etc. And a barrier a foot out so nothing can dig in.  It is truly a fortress.  At the end of February we did a lot of research into what type of ducks we would get, and where.

We decided to go for the ‘upper middle weight and heavy weight ducks.’  This means they will be sizable and not easily attacked by hawks.  We decided to get two of each—three breeds.  The Cayuga (black), the Khaki Campbell (tan), and the Swedish Blues (yellow/grey).  We also had them sexed so we are pretty sure they are all girls.  This way we will be able to eat the eggs without becoming overrun by ducklings.  We ordered them on line from McMurray Hatchery...and yes, they do arrive in the mail. 

We enlisted the help of Matt’s brother to help dig the posts, and the Trudeau’s to help with a full day of labor!

After a FULL day of work, the wire roof was on, the house was in place, painted, the door was stained and the floor to the cage was evened out with mulch.  The next day my man and I finished the sides.

The kids (including Eli and Sebastian) built this path to finish off the entry!  Very cool!!  In the end, it took us two weekends to build from start to finish.  The pen is 12x16, this is MORE than adequate for 6 ducks. 

Special thanks to Mike post hole digger, the Brighams for the use of their truck so we could get all our materials, the Trudeau’s for a full day of work, and to Chris who built the duck house from nothing but three sheets of plywood and a pitiful looking neighbor!  We think without you guys...we’d still be at the drawing board! 


At 6am on March 31st the phone rang, and the postmaster said “Did you order chicks?”  So, I flew out of bed and went to the sorting station to pick them up.  They were all 6 perfectly fine, and were VERY happy to get out and get some fresh water, honey and chopped grass...which is what they should have after such a long travel.  They were, and are, all still very healthy ducks.  I had heard this hatchery was the best—now I am a believer!!


Funny thing when I picked them up… Postmaster: “You won’t believe what people have shipped here…”  I said “What?”  “BEES”— I didn’t have the heart to tell her they are next on the list!! 

Text Box: Click HERE to see our ducks first week!