Text Box: Evacuate the Dance Floor!

This year our middle school group held its first dance.  With 170 homeschool kids, it was a huge success...and, is providing me with the new argument of if homeschoolers have enough socialization!  The dance was formed by the kids, planned by the kids, and held for the kids.  Our group really came together to make it a good time for all! 

Prep for the dance included the kids picking the theme for the dance.  It was “Winter Wonderland” and the idea was to have the guests wear white, silver or ice blue.  By doing this, the people became the actual decorations.  Which, may have been better realized if there were not SO many people!  We also scored some snowflakes from another homeschool lady who got them from Target.  That really made the theme come together.  We had various committees, one for decorations, one for music and one for food.  The kids wanted it to be a masked ball, so we made masks for each guest as part of our prep.  Finally, the committee had to clean up!  But before that—Party Time!!


Audrey started the Conga line—several times and it was always a hit.  As the night came to a close, the ‘clean up’ committee took one last spin on the ‘Electric Slide’  What a great night!