While visiting my parents for a quick weekend in November, we brought along Maggie.  In spite of our three day visit, we managed to see a lot of different places.  We even worked in a few picnics, regardless of the 42 degree temperature—like Maggie said “Perfect picnic weather!”  Our first stop was Essex for a stroll around town and by the water for some soup and sandwiches.

Another trip we took was to Cato Corner, home of world famous Farmstead Cheese.  Their cheese is shipped all over the US, and if you saw the would wonder how they do it.  But the trip is well worth it.  The cheese is amazing, and the farm is all open so you can visit the livestock.

Another favorite stop, Glastonbury.  We went to visit my grandmother, and met my cousin’s horse who has quite a flirtatious personality.  Then we went to Dondero’s farm for a...picnic!