Connecticut Science MUseum!

Just outside of my mom’s office a new hands on science museum has opened up.  It is a beautiful building, and we have found that while we love the hands on science museums...once they have been around a few years they get sort of run down.  So, it was nice to go into a nice new space.  Only problem when we arrived was there were 10,000 school groups.  Audrey did not like that.  But, we had lunch with mom and a friend, and by the time we got back, we had the entire place to ourselves!

The favorite room of the kids was this water filled room that had all kinds of experiments they could do using the force of water.  What kid doesn’t like that?  We spent a lot of time in here, and closed the place in this room.  There were water works that had whirlpools, balls that would shoot up and be sucked down, lego dam building, and bucket and cup filling stations.  It was lots of fun!  Other areas, included CT river native life, a physical fitness training cage, and another favorite of the kids was the ‘mouse trap’ section. 

The kids thought the mind station was cool...until we realized it was rigged!  Boo-hiss!

Malena thought this sculpture was cool.  It was made out of everyday items...cups, forks, fishing rods, and it moved!  Very cool.

This trip was designed to help us kick off a science filled summer.  I signed up for an ecamp, which I have never done before, so stay tuned to see how it goes!