City Museum

Without a doubt, the best kid museum (more like a playground) that I have ever been to!  This place was so amazing, we spent 7 hours here— The old factory was a texture and textile masterpiece.  Every themed room held countless secrets, and secret passages, tunnels secret doors that led you to other room—incredible!

Even outside was a climbing arena (yes, I used the word arena!) that included two full sized airplanes and a castle tower.  There was not a surface that was not covered with some recycled bit of something.  From walls lined with old printing plates, to trees (real, but recycled and treated with no structural support) covered in oyster shells it was a tactile DREAM!  Even the ball pit was soft rubber balls you buy in those big floor to ceiling bins at Target! 

Above is the 7 story side.  And, yes, you do have to climb all seven flights of stairs to slide down it.  Along the way you see other spiral slides that just ‘end’—which you know freaked me out!  But the ride was really fun on the way down.  Most everything in this place you climbed to could bring you back via some sort of slide.  Cade rode on this roller slide made from rollers used to hold shade material from the 70’s!  Floors covered in mosaics were everywhere.  While the pond provided a natural element, there was nothing like walking into a life sized whale and climbing through his stomach!