Christmas Prep

Okay, admittedly, Christmas this year was not well documented.  I was sick.  I had been sick since the beginning of November, but I kept going until it completely stopped me in January with a long list of ‘complications’.  However, Christmas would not be nearly as lovely at our house if Audrey had not taken on decorating, cookie making—and tending to Zen—my parents dog (right) who came to visit.  She rallied the kids together and somehow we pulled it off!  Of course, had I not continued to be sick, I may have never returned to my webpages!  The only sad thing is, Audrey made a plate of beautiful cookies for a teen caroling party, and I didn’t get a picture!  New Years Res #1...more picts! 

Audrey and Malena's Christmas Piano Recital

Audrey plays Wizards of Winter, Trans Siberian Orchestra

And What’s This, Nightmare Before Christmas

Audrey and Malena played “Oh Come All Ye Faithful” and “Night Before Christmas”

Malena plays “Jingle Bells”