Christmas Eve

My most favorite day of the year, because anticipation is high, and everyone is still excited and preparing for the big day and the arrival of Santa Claus!  This year, my Christmas was made by one special visitor— My brotha Jon showed up on Christmas Eve to surprise us all.  It made our Christmas GREAT! 

Our Christmas Eve started out with an abbreviated version of our Christmas Caroling.  We did go by Mary Dale’s, and James and Virginia’s, but cut it short so we could visit grandma and granddaddy in Ashburn that afternoon.

On our way home from Marshall Audrey spied this bald eagle in a field securing his xmas dinner!

Because of my grandfather’s failing health, my grandparents were not going to be able to make it to Christmas day celebrations at our house.  So, we brought the party to them...including the Jonathan surprise...They live in an assisted living place in Ashburn, and my Aunt Kathy arranged for us to have a private party room.  She also found a piano so the girls could play their Christmas pieces for them, but it was way out of tune so the performance was cut short!

The only bad thing about having it at a pubic place was the  occasional resident coming in and eating all our chocolates!  And, the fact that Kathy had to clean up at the end of it!  But, overall, it was a great family gathering—Robbie even showed up! 

After that party, Mom, Dad, Jon and our family headed for home.  Mom made shrimp and prosciutto pasta with fresh bread and her signature winter salad.  After cleaning up, the kids opened their traditional Christmas eve present—PJ’s!  Followed by Gramma reading a Christmas book to them—Orange for Frankie, which my children now consider the most important part of Christmas! 

Apparently, four children were not the only thing ‘stirring’ that night.  He was found about 10pm, and put out in the front yard...far away from the house!