Christmas Day

Santa was extra generous to the Ramsey kids this year!  Audrey got a laptop, real art supplies, and a Pirates shirt.  Spencer got a laptop, an RC car, and a DJ mixer.  Malena received a Nook color, a complete set of Mythlopedia, and a huge lego village.  Finally, Cade filled up on a huge lego troll castle set, Toy Story legos, the complete Diary of a Wimpy Kid series and an ipod touch! 

Stockings were stuffed, cookies were eaten, and the 5$ mustaches from Uncle Jon proved to be a favorite.  A look outside revealed...SNOW!! 

After a rousing morning in our house with Gramma, Gramps, Uncle Jon, monkey bread, quiche and frenzy of present opening, it was time to put in the prime rib and get ready for round one of guests!  Kathy, Ruth and family were on their way for prime rib, mashed taters and Mom’s winter salad...oh, ya, and presents! 

Gifts flew in every direction as A CHRISTMAS STORY played in the background! This year we made a money tree for the kids, and they loved it!  Below the cousins got together for a picture…

Crackers were cracked before dinner, and Aunt Kathy’s red velvet cake was cut into before I could even get a picture of it!  Auntie Ru made French apple in memory of Aunt Mary Lee.

My Christmas highlight is always the gift to my cousin Robbie.  Inevitably, I find it HYSTERICAL...and everyone laughs, usually because I am laughing so hard.  This year it was a book called Sketchy Santa—I replaced several of the santa faces with Robbie’s… it WAS funny! 

You may recall last year my mom gave the kids a puzzle from Liberty Puzzles.  It has become a family obsession.  They are not cheap, but if you ever need a fabulous gift for someone we highly recommend them!  This year’s puzzle was put together by Audrey, Jon and Nathan.  The box was blank...which you can request for any puzzle they make.  

The final round of guests arrived around 6.  Matt’s brother’s and mom came for dessert and present time.  Sadly, because of the blizzard about to hit New England my parents left around 6 to make it home before the snow cutting their time with Jon short.  After the family left, we finished out the night with our friends Tiffany and Chris who celebrated our one party night with Jonathan.