One of my favorite things about going on adventures with just loose plans is how we just stumble onto things we can put with other things we already visited or learned about.  For example, who knew Chanute was named after a French immigrant who was a mentor and friend to Wilbur and Orville Wright.  He wrote a book that was a major reference for them.  In this little Kansas town of Chanute would have an Orville and Wilber AWESOME wind sculpture!  It is hard to tell in the photo, but as the wind blows all of these parts move.  Even the spectators on the ground are on pivot points and blow in the breeze.  I was SUPER impressed.  And, I love that we had just been to Kitty Hawk, NC and the kids could connect the two!

Chanute, KS is the sweetest little town.  The streets are frozen in time, and the people are so friendly and nice.  Near the Safari Museum sculptures of animals dot the sidewalks.  The kids loved it.  For a little corner of Kansas, this place has produced several people who greatly influenced the course of America. 

About to go into the Safari Museum!