This is a project that we did not actually participate in, but our good friends did.  The project was called Canstruction, and the idea was to build a structure, entirely out of cans, (or with less than 10% of other materials) to help raise awareness (and food) for hungry people.  Generally, this project is reserved for architecture firms.  Admittedly, when you look at the structures here, you would be intimidated.  But, this local group of homeschool teens set out to do their best—and we think they did an AWESOME job!


They came up with the idea to “Blast Hunger” and used entirely cans to build the structure (over 6 feet tall) of dynamite, blasting ‘hunger’—

These teenage cangineers put a lot of thought into this project, including using ‘explosive’ foods like beans and chili for the dynamite!  How funny is that??  They also had to raise all the donations themselves. 

In the end, they came in a solid third, but, we over here at Ramseycentral think they deserve first place for sticking to the rules and making an excellent, solid structure completely out of cans...and a few shims to even things out.

This structure took first place.  While it is visually impressive, we were disappointed to see that some of the layers had random cans behind it, or worse—none at all!  BOO HISS!  That didn’t seem to be keeping with the theme of gathering as much food as possible for hungry people!  The structure itself was stacked onto declining plywood circles, so there wasn’t a lot ‘structurally’ to worry about. 

Imma justa sayin’—-