Cake Boss

Tradition states at Ramseycentral when you turn ten you get to go to NYC.  Since Malena’s BFF Olivia also turns ten in June, we split the difference and took them to NYC together.  The two of them LOVE Cake Boss.  So, Sandy arranged for them to have a cake made by Cake Boss, aka Carlos’ Bakery.  They were thrilled when we arrived there, it was a surprise!  They were more thrilled to see Grace, and Mario working that afternoon.  However, we wish we could say we were as thrilled.  Service, lousy...cake, not done, it was supposed to be in the display case when we arrived, and instead they had not even started it, despite the fact we called several times from the road to make sure—Mario, not real nice...Grace, slightly nicer...customer service, not so good.  BUT, in spite of all these hurdles Sandy and I went through the kids thought it was pure MAGIC!  So, what can we say??  They loved it, you can see it on their faces—over and over again!  So, Happy Birthday Girls!!

When we got back to the hotel room with our obnoxiously priced cake...we thought it was funny to let the girls chow into it—no forks, no plates...there was just something about having this artistic overpriced cake devoured by two ten year olds without any utensils!  They thought that was the best of all!!  I think Mario and Carlos would have choked!!  However, I do have to say it was delish!

Happy Birthday Girls!

Chocolate cake, with chocolate mousse between the layers, chocolate ganache on top.  It was decadent.  And the cannoli’s were out of this world! Everything else was ‘okay’