Cade turns 7

Somehow, my baby has turned 7.  This year he opted for a bowling party at this cool new place in Leesburg called King Pinz.  It is like Chuck E Cheese meets bowling alley.  One good thing about Caden, his cakes are always easy.  Since he was 3 he has always just wanted his age in cake form, and he always has to help make it.  The day started like most birthdays...breakfast of choice followed by present opening.  No shock he got legos.  Lots and lots of legos.  But, that is what he loves, and it made him happy!

His party had everyone from his BFF Aiden, to teenagers.  That is how parties seem to roll here at Ramseycentral.  This place was fun because they could bowl, eat pizza and play video games.  They let us bring the 7 cake—so fun was had by all!  Even his cousins got to come!