Body Piercing!

While not everyone will agree with me on this it goes…

One of my parenting rules is, if you can’t give a good excuse why not, and it is not dangerous, then you let them do it. 

When Audrey’s friend Eli wanted to get his eyebrow pierced, Audrey talked about wanting her belly button pierced.  I can’t really see any reason why she should not do it, providing we went to a reputable place.  In the end, if she doesn’t like it, she can take it out and only have a little scar. 

So, her and Eli set off to pierce when we were in North Hampton, MA.  We found a very reputable place, the room was very hygienic, and all the utensils were in sealed packages. 

Eli went first.  He got a toggle bar in his right eyebrow.  Very cool.  His actually bled some—

Then it was Audrey’s turn.  She went in and had no issues.  First they mark it, clean it, then they put a clamp on it, then they pierce it.  The clamp was the most uncomfortable thing.  Since she has had it done, she has had no pain, or redness, only occasional itching (which is a good sign of healing)...and, well, we think they both look super cool!! 

This is the exact moment of piercing!  LOL and when she discovers this on here, I am going to have to take it off—but, I think it is super cute, and a tribute to my photography skills!  LOLOLOL!

Meanwhile, Cade has decided he wants his ears pierced like a pirate and a number 4 tattooed on his forehead.  He’s got to wait a few more years for that one buddy...