Audrey Turns 15

The worst best idea for a birthday party ever.  Jackson Pollock...that was the good part.  In January...outside...that was the bad part.  The painting was a blast.  I got a canvas that was 6x9feet, and all the excess paints I had in the house.  Yes, they were all permanent.  The guests ages ranged from almost 5-15.  It was great fun while it lasted.  Then they all got cold, and were covered in paint.  Did I mention I just painted my kitchen?  In the end fun was had by all...except the clean up

Mom’s...we did not!

Each guest contributed splatters, foot prints, handprints and graffiti!  In spite of the fact I brought up a bucket of warm sudsy water, the only one who benefitted was Cade.  The girls had to shower, or at least wash the paint from their hair, and the boys had to tough it out with the hose!  Next time, tell guests to bring a change of clothes!

Time for presents and cake!!  Notice paint still in Audrey’s hair!

Cleaned up the master artists pose with the masterpiece.  For those of you considering this great party is fun, it is awesome...but do it in summer, and have kids bring a change of clothes!!