Our trip was originally going to take us to Tallahassee and Savannah, but some work being done on our Savannah house made us have to take a detour.† So, we stopped in on Uncle Jon!† As usual, we had a very short amount of time, but managed to make the most of it!† He lives in a lively artist neighborhood, and there was a festival that weekend right outside his door...there was just one problemó

Not these girls...

Or even the body in the tub...


When the band arrived and started playing, it was good.† When they started playing Beat It, Guns and Roses, and Bon Joviówe had to stay almost all day!


There was lively music, dancing, food and funóit was too good to leave!† The kids LOVED it!† The band loved the kids, and broke into songs and dance with them...oh, and we may have had a little singing outbursts too!† It was so much fun!†

I think my videos are sidewaysóbut you can get the idea!† Beheatat...was our favoriteó Just Beheatat Just Beheatat!