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New Stuff:


The Return of the Yard

The Circus

Malena’s Party

Cherry Blossoms

Tulip Garden


Raccoon Rehab Training

Snake Habitat

Shift Happens

Wildlife Encounters

The New Addition!


Starfall Letter Recognition

‘I Know That’ Website

Balancing Act

A Day in the Country

Our Patriotic Day

Celtic Rocks!

Leprechaun Watch!

The Stone House

Mrs. Frisby

Earth Hour

Ramseycentral, The Blog

It is all my camera fiddles

The Reunion

and Farewell

The Zoo, revisited

Mayumba Pen Pals Return Letter!

Flooding the Grand Canyon

Plastic Bags Banned in MD?

Doubtful, but it is a step


Raccoon Rehabber

Eclipse activity

Audrey’s National Geo Challenge

Sunrise and Sunset Experiment


Total Eclipse of the Heart…

Photo Phrenzy


Slimey, yet Satisfying

The Greenhouse Effect

Cade’s ABC’s

Amazing Paper Project!

The Offering

The Original Blue Blood


Japan Festival, Kennedy Center

National Foundations Day, Japan

Growing Experiment

Test prep added sites!


Cloning goes Wrong (silly)

Book Ramseyviews

Mark Moffett, National Geographic

Hannah Montana!

World War I

World War II

Snow Day!

Let it Snow Borax Style

Animal School


Be a Civil War Webranger

Very cool site!


Japanese IQ test

Amazing bird photos

Flight Patterns

Polymers and Goop


How Ants Know What to Do

Back to Life

Ft McHenry

January Thaw

National Cathedral

Audrey’s 12th Birthday Party!

Reunited and it feels so good!

12 Days of Christy-mas

Quotable Christmas

The Narwhal and Other Sea Creatures

Cloverbuds Christmas Party

Kids N Clay

Mush! Dog Sledding in Maryland!

Harris Teeter w/ Cloverbuds


Crayon Physics

Geologic Tour

How lasers work


Capitol Building Tour

Double Double Toil and Trouble


Kids Web Japan

Audrey’s Webpage


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