Admittedly, my photos are blurry and cannot do this place justice—BUT THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING MUSEUM EVER!  LOVE LOVE LOVE this modern art!  It made even Cade a fan and he HATES museums!

It started outside with these red penguins EVERYWHERE!  Once we entered the museum we saw this AMAZING cyclone made out of the most random gathering of items all painted silver.  Our all time favorite though was the fish hook ‘painting’...everything you see that is black, is a fish hook in different condensed areas.  It was so incredible.  THAT was what made Cade an art lover.  From there, it was four seasons of trees and a wooden house installation. 

There were so many forms of modern art, that were amazing.  Including a one way mirror urinal (ya, I know, but it was so cool my boys would hold it until we were near the museum!)  There was also an installation of words that would fall down from the ceiling, and somehow when you stood underneath you could bump the word up—it was crazy cool!

Other amazing things were these smoke stacks that blew out rings of smoke into an alley.  They were MASSIVE and awesome!!  There were so many various forms of art from textiles to photos that you could not ever be bored.  Even the furniture you sat on was art!  The museum was part of a hotel that you could stay in, and the rooms were full of art!  I so wanted to stay here, but even at a discount it was still pricey.  So, if you are in Louisville do not miss 21C!